Healthier fast-food lunches

We’re breezing through busy days with a smile, thanks to fast-food sandwiches made without mood-sapping artificial trans fats

When we’re dashing from one errand to the next, grabbing a sandwich at the drive-through if often our best chance to refuel without slowing down. But we had to think twice about the stop when we learned many fast-food chains use trans-fat derivatives like mono- and diglycerides in their buns. Scientists warm that consuming even a small amount of these man-made fats can increase belly-fat storage by 30 percent, plus raise depression risk by 48 percent. Those are problems we don’t need, so we sent in search of sandwiches free of Franken-fats and found some delicious offering.

If you like a sandwich…

When we need an energized lunch that we can eat with one hand as we go-go-go, a chicken sandwich gets our vote. But we weren’t too keen on the mono- and diglycerides in our old chain’s buns. Now we’re savoring DQ’S grilled chicken sandwich, which is clear of the scary fats and packed with 31 grams of metabolism-revving prtein. Talk about win-win!

If you like a burrito…

Biting into a cheesy beefy burrito has a way of making our worries melt away. We lost that laid-back feeling, through, when we learned our old pick’s tortilla is made with trans fats. Enter Chipotle’s barbacoa beef burrito. The chain’s tortilla contains just wheat, canola oil and salt, plus is uses pasture-raised meat that’s rich in fat- burning CLA and phytonutrients. Score!





If you like a sub…

After a long day of spring cleaning, a sub loaded with savory meat and cheese hits the spot. But we had to ditch our old favorite when we learned it was made on bread containing the trans fat DATEM. Our new pick: Panera’s Italian sub. Happily, it’s 100 percent free of scary manmade fats, fatigue-causing artificial preservatives and bloat- triggering sodium nitrites.

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