Shania’s Keys to Happy Energy

Country music icon Shania Twain,52,reveals the wellness strategies that keep her slim,centered and radiant-no matter how hectic life get.

A Shania Twain gears up for her international Now tour kicking off May 3,she’s focusing on celebrating her triumphs. “I’m feeling really good,” she cheers.”I’m feeling like I’ve achieved an enormous amount in the last couple of years.” Indeed,in addition to releasing her to first studio album in 15 years,she also made her acting debut in the new film Trading Paint,out June 1.Just how does Shania stay energized through the busyness? She relies on a few savvy self-care strategies.

Soothes Stress

Quiet time in the morning 

“I believe a lot in meditation,” says Shania.”There’s so many different forms,but for me.I like to just sit or lay in the dark.I’ll take a few extra minutes in the morning to slow my breathing down and clear my thought.That’s really working for me-to not just jump out of bed first thing.If I wake up earlier than usual,I will force myself to stay there and still myself and my mind instead of jumping into the day early,because the day can wait.”

Erases Wrinkles

Pantry Staples

“Olive oil works great on my skin,” notes Shania.”It’s a pure product with out any additives.I’ll wash my face and make sure it’s clean and moist,then l’ll put a little a bit of olive oil on my hands and dab that on my face and neck very lightly and work it in.That’s a first thing that absorbs into your skin and any good moisturizer after that is going to work fine.I’m also diligent about exfolitation.”I’ll take some olive oil and mix in either sugar or salt and use that as a scrub on my face. You’ve got to be gentle because the crystals are rough,but it’s incredible.”

Eases Aches


“One thing i find incredible is cupping,” says Shania.”it’s therapy that increases circulation in the zones that are bothering you.It gently lifts and separates all the layers between the surface of the skin right down to the muscle tissue and gives them space for blood flow.Wherever you’ve got knots or cramps,you can feel the effects immediately.” Why it’s smart: Korean researchers found that cupping curbs muscle pain better than heat therapy-and the perks last a month.


Wards Off a Menopot

Superfood Smoothies 

I’m a vegetarian and i stick to a low carb diet,but i snack often,” Shares Shania of the diet strategies that help her keep the weight off.”We need raw enzymes.We need raw energy and we can get that on our own from greens like spinach,kale and parsley.I’ll throw a bunch of raw greens in a blender and that gives me a real boost of raw enzymes and proteins that are pure.I do that a lot.Then my snack shake is just apple.avocado and water blended together and that keeps me going.I’m also a salad queen.I can eat different salad every day of the week.”


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