Mother Nature Knows What’s Best!

We recommend that you return to a more natural way of living in food, clothing, rest and in simplicity of living habits. Strive harmony with Mother Nature and God. Live as Mother Nature wants. Realize se loves you and you are part of her family. Put yourself in her hands and let her inner wisdom guide you. Mother Nature is eager to inspire and guide you so she can help you perfect your human machine. She can help cleanse, heal and improve your body if you work with her by living a healthier life!

Be good to your body and it will be good to you! Abuse the body and it will punish you with tension, stress, strain, even constipation! The Laws of Mother Nature don’t punish you – you punish yourself! Live so that the feeling of relaxation will come to you when it is needed. Be a friend to yourself! Treat yourself right so you can enjoy a long, healthy and relaxed life. The kingdom of heaven is within.

Peace is not a season, it is an important way for a healthy life!

VIdeo is taken from: DuffMan GK

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