Younger Looking Skin in Minutes With Apple Cider Vinegar Skin Tonic and Facial

The skin contains of microscopically small, flat scales that constantly flake off, revealing new skin beneth outer, older scale layers. Millions have old, tired, dead, dry outer scales that don’t peel of promptly, slowing new growth and leaving skin dry, sallow, and lifeless, known as “the old-age look”.xcc

ACV Facial: first, wash skin in warm water (no soap). Next, apply wrung-out, hot water-soaked cloth to face 3 minutes, then remove. Now soak this cotton washcloth in hot ACV water (1 Tbsp. ACV per cup water) again apply to face. Cover ACV-soaked washcloth with cotton towel wrung out in hot water. Now lie down for 15 minutes or longer with your feet elevated up on couch, against wall, or use slant board or ironing board. This brings more blood circulation to revitalize face for cell rejuvenation. xxcNow remove both cloths and gently rub skin upwards with coarse towel or our favorite-small loofah face pad. This rub removes the hundreds of old, dry skin scales that have been detached and loosened by the ACV facial. You can repeat ACV Facial weekly or as needed. Your skin will look more youthful and will shine like a polished apple. We should all have pride in looking our best. You will be truly amazed and proud f yourself with the results from these age-reversing, simple to do health treatments!zx
ACV Skin Tonic Spray: for men and women. Spray or pat in am or pm on face (50% ACV 7 50% distilled water mixture, keep in refrigerator) daily for amazing results!

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