How the Instant Pot slims fast!

FIRST’s comforting winter meals will delight your taste buds, plus they’ll eliminate fat-packing compounds in your favorite dishes and fire up  fat burn to help you slim without struggle.

Pressure cookers have come a long way from the complicated contraptions clanging and hissing on our mother’s stovetops. New one-touch, lock-and-seal models like the Instant Pot are making it easier than eve to simplify dinner prep, slash cook times and deepen the flavor of meals. Even better, the kitchen gadget has proven to be a surprisingly effective slimming tool, helping thousands of women from coast to coast lose 20,30,50 and even 100 pounds deliciously. “Pressure cooking locks in nutrients and removes troublesome hormone disruptors,” explains educated heart surgeon and author. ” for a busy family, a pressure cooker is ideal-it gets healthy meals to the table quickly.” Here, how pressure cooking can fast-track your slimdown:


Healthy carbs like beans, grains and corn contain high levels of compounds called lectins that can cause the body to pack on fat. The lectins mimic the blood sugar-regulating hormone insulin, preventing blood sugar from entering cells to be burned for fuel.  Instead, the sugar is stored as fat. hormone-balancing-blog-post

The good news: A pressure cooker will destroy almost all lectins. That’s the key since limiting intake of lectins helps restore insulin response, promoting the body to release stubborn stored fat. The proof: In a study in one journal, subjects on a lectin-free diet weighed 22 percent less and had 43 percent less jiggly subcutaneous fat that those on a standard diet. And women who follow low-lectin food formula report losing up to 4 pounds in 3 days.


Research shows that up to 70 percent of water-soluble nutrients in vegetables-including stress-soothing vitamin C and energizing B vitamins-are lost in steam or boiling water, which is routinely discarded during conventional cooking methods. but an electric pressure cooker has an airtight seal that minimizes evaporation. “This helps retain more nutrients compared with other forms of cooking,” says certified wellness coach. In fact, researchers in India report that pressure cooking prevents 95 percent of water-soluble nutrients.Pressure cooker on a counter with fresh vegetables

Cooking under pressure also quickly breaks down bone and cartilage, helping extract nutrients and releasing them into stock and sauces. That means dishes made in the pressure cooker tend to be richer in wrinkle-reducing collagen and metabolism-revving amino acids.


“Pressure cookers create a pressurized environment that draws liquid back into food, keeping in tender” says registered dietitian. xcx

the intense heat and steam within a pressure cooker also concentrates flavors to make just about any dish taste better-without extra calories from butter, cream or other fats. “Pressure cooking makes dishes taste like I cooked for 4 hours when it only took 45 minutes,” affirms Kelly Calton, who credits the cooking technique with helping her lose 87 pounds and getting rid of her acid reflux. That’s a plus since richly flavored food spark the brain’s satiety center, making you feel fuller fast. In a Chinese study, this effect helped subjects reduce their calorie intake by 31 percent.


With the help of a pressure cooker, it’s easy to prepare big batches of healthy staples like soups, shredded chicken, whole grains and beans-so you can prep an entire week’s worth of meals in just a couple hours on Sunday. “Having a tasty, nutritious dish at home increases the likelihood that you will make a healthy choice,” portioning out meals in individual containers for easy-to-grab lunches and dinners. Plus, you’ll reduce time spent in the kitchen and spend less money on food!


Everything you need is right here!as

 Just choose from the recipes to create flavorful meal plans like this: 

Breakfast: Steel-cut oatmeal with chopped apple and nuts.

Lunch: Moroccan lamb and chick-pea stew

Snack: Garlic-cheddar pinto bean dip with pita chips

Dinner: Rosemary-garlic pork loin with quinoa pilaf

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