Video: Look Younger By Becoming An “Exceptional Skin Ager” (VIDEO)

Do some of your friends or family just seem to age better than you?

No matter how well most of us take care of our skin, we still get lines and saggy skin. But some people seem to escape aging, and always appear much younger than they really are.

Scientists and doctors actually have a term for those lucky people. They’re called “exceptional skin agers.”

But it turns out…it doesn’t have to be luck. There’s a way for you to become an exceptional skin ager.

And the best part is, when you become one, your skin starts returning to its more youthful look.

Doctors at Harvard University found what makes exceptional skin agers different from normal people.

They took women from four different ethnic groups, with ages ranging from their 20s to their 70s…and saw what happened to their skin as it aged.

And the reason exceptional skin agers are exceptional? There’s something special happening inside their bodies.

One of the doctors from the study told a reporter:

“…there are a number of genes that are responsible for…cell energy production—so that the skin cells have enough energy to repair themselves, enough energy to make collagen… All of those genes are much more active in Exceptional Skin Agers than they are in the average woman.”

And there is a way to get more cell energy production and collagen. Doing so will turn back the clock on your skin.

It’s so easy you can do it from your own home.

Dr. John Layke, a renowned plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, came to the same conclusions as the Harvard study. He found a way to make a normal person’s body more like an exceptional skin ager’s.

Just like his celebrity clients, your skin can become more youthful when you use his solution. Many users have been stunned by their results. For all the details, you can watch his video presentation.

Watch their presentation:


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